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Adopted 29th October 2002.
Revised January 2004
Revised 2nd October 2007
Revised July 2011 Adopted 14 August 2011


1. Name

The name of the association is the Bannockburn Chamber of Commerce Inc. (here in after referred to as the BCC).

2. Incorporating

Membership of the Bannockburn Chamber of Commerce Inc. (BCC) is open to any person, firm, or company, with an active ABN, engaged in business/industry/trade/manufacture in the district of Bannockburn, and otherwise any person or entity with an approved application subject to clause 12 as defined, shall be eligible to make application for membership. Non-Business persons, clubs or community groups or such like who have an interest in promoting commerce, trade, industry or manufacturing in the defined District of Bannockburn, are encourage to apply for Associate membership. The township of Bannockburn shall at all times retain the majority of membership (Refer membership section 5). Application for membership is made in writing or by completing the online application form and the Executive Committee will determine acceptance or otherwise of the application and applicants will be notified in writing.

3. Defining District of Bannockburn

The district of Bannockburn refers to the areas and surrounding areas incorporating Russells Bridge, Sutherlands Creek, Maude, Teesdale, Shelford, Lethbridge, Meredith, Inverleigh, and Gheringhap.


The objectives of the Bannockburn Chamber of Commerce are as follows:

4.1 To promote all business, industries and trades and the economic development of Bannockburn and district.

4.2 To promote a healthy, fair and prosperous business climate within the Bannockburn district and its membership.

4.3 To be a broad based organisation, non-sectarian, that will not lend support to any candidate for public office.

4.4 To consider and promote such lawful schemes, measures and plans as may be calculated to further, improve and secure the trading and commercial interests of Bannockburn and district or the operations of the Chamber.( refer clause 12.2)

4.5 To collect, collate and circulate information relating to trade and commerce to members and to print, publish and distribute circulars,

bulletins, journals and such other papers as may be necessary to disseminate such information.

4.6 To manage, deal with or otherwise dispose of all or any part of the property of the Chamber.

4.7 To support at all times the principles of fair trading.

4.8 To undertake the raising of funds necessary to achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation^ refer Clause 13)

4.9 To continuously work to promote a cooperative and cordial relationship with the Golden Plains Shire (or its successor).

4.10 To foster and create a spirit of goodwill, friendship and unity by holding meetings, discussions, lectures, debates, conferences and other functions.

4.11 To do all such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives provided that the Chamber shall not support any issues that cause the Chamber to represent members in any legal industrial relations issue.

5. Membership and Associate Membership

Membership is made up of a minimum of 60% of the township of Bannockburn and a maximum of 40% of the district of Bannockburn as defined in section 3. Any person, firm or company, with a active ABN, engaged in commerce, trade, services, industry or manufacture within the district of Bannockburn and otherwise any person or entity with an approved application subject to clause 12, shall be eligible to make application for membership. More than one person from any firm or company shall be entitled to attend meetings if the firm or company is a current member. A firm or business that has more than one person attending a meeting shall be entitled to only one (1) vote. The name of that person entitled to vote shall be entered in the register of members.

Associate membership is available to non-business persons, community group, club or such like, who have an interest in promoting commerce, trade, industry or manufacturing, in the defined District of Bannockburn. Associate members are ineligible to be Officers of the Executive and have voting rights only at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

5.1 Applications for membership and renewal of membership shall be submitted and subscriptions payable within sixty (60) days of the 30th June. A member/associate member whose application for renewal and subscription is still outstanding after sixty (60) days from the 30th June shall cease to retain membership.

5.2 Voting at any meeting of the Chamber can only be undertaken by members.

5.3 Any member may invite a guest to attend any meeting as an observer, providing they introduce the guest and state the reason for their attendance.

5.4 For the purpose of any function or event, non members may participate, except where the executive committee decide that their participation be subject to approval, following the payment of any fees and charges.

5.5 The Executive Committee may propose Honorary Membership for the period of one (1) year to any member in recognition of exceptional service to the Chamber. This is to be recommended by the Executive Committee to be voted on by members' secret ballot at the next General Meeting.

5.6 Applicants for membership shall make application to the Secretary on the form prescribed by the Executive Committee. Applicants shall become members if elected by resolution of the Committee on payment of the prescribed subscription.

5.7 The Executive Committee shall have the power to refuse a new application for membership or refuse the renewal of an existing membership after giving a written reason. A person whose application for membership has been refused or whose membership has been terminated may within thirty (30) days of receiving written notification lodge with the Secretary written notice of his/her intention to appeal against the decision. Upon receipt of a notification of intention to appeal against rejection or termination the Executive Committee must bring this appeal to the next General Meeting whereupon the appeal is voted on by secret ballot.

5.8 Likewise, any member whose conduct is, in the opinion of a majority of the Executive Committee, of injury or discredit or in a manner detrimental to the interests of the Chamber may be expelled from the Chamber after being given a written reason. This expulsion is decided by the Executive Committee and the expelled member may lodge an appeal with the Secretary which will be voted on by secret ballot at the next General Meeting.

5.9 If any member of the Chamber or director or partner in a firm which is a member of the Chamber shall be convicted of an indictable offence or adjudged a bankrupt or make a composition or arrangement with his creditors under the provisions of any statute or if any company which is a member shall enter into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntary (save for the purpose of reconstruction) such member, firm or company shall thereupon cease to be a member of the Chamber. The Executive Committee shall have the power in its discretion to recommend to the next General Meeting the reinstatement of any member.

5.10 Conflict of interest is conflict between a member's personal interest and his/her responsibility as a member of the Chamber, whether direct or indirect, actual or potential, apparent or not. Conflict of interest may exist whether there is or may be monetary advantage conferred on a member. A member may have a conflict directly through his individual employment, through an interest in a business or firm or other entity, or through the voluntary participation in an agency, organisation, association or charitable institution. Any member who has a conflict of interest in any subject before any meeting of the Chamber shall advise the meeting immediately and shall not participate in any discussion or vote on that subject. Any meeting of the Chamber may elect through a vote of members present to allow a member who has a conflict in any subject to contribute to discussion on the subject but cannot allow the member to vote in any instance.

5.11 The Executive Committee shall cause a register to be kept in which shall be entered the names and residential or business addresses of all persons or companies admitted to membership of the Chamber and the dates of their admission.

5.12 The register shall be open for inspection at reasonable times by any member who previously applies to the Secretary for such inspection.

5.13 Any resignation from the Chamber is to be submitted in writing to the Secretary.

6. Subscriptions

6.1 The annual subscriptions shall become due on the 30thJune. Members will have sixty (60) days from the due date in which to pay.

6.2 If the membership fee is not paid within sixty (60) days the membership is automatically cancelled and that person or firm must reapply as a new member.

6.3 Any new member joining through the year is required to pay pro rata membership fees, as calculated by the executive at an executive meeting.

6.4 The amount of fees to be subscribed will be determined at an Executive Committee meeting.

6.5 Any member/associate member resigning their membership after payment is not entitled to any refund.

6.6 Associate member subscription shall be 50% of the membership fee.

7. Management

7.1 The members of the Bannockburn Chamber of Commerce shall be responsible for the directions of the Chamber at its Annual, General or Special Meetings as recommended by the Executive Committee or the powers vested by this constitution. The main function of any General

Meeting is to promote planning and information so as to improve the capacity of the Chamber and its members for continuous growth.

7.2 The main functions of the Executive Committee is to undertake the day to day management affairs of the Chamber, those functions directed by the constitution and to provide monthly reports on the affairs of the Chamber to members.

7.3 The members of the Chamber shall elect the Officers at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

7.4 The members of the Chamber shall elect an Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

7.5 Any vacancies within the Executive Committee shall be determined at the next General Meeting of members if deemed appropriate.

7.6 In the event of there being vacancies for Officers or Committee, that those Officers and Committee so elected have the power to recommend to the next General Meeting any persons to fill any vacancies on the Executive Committee.

7.7 The Officers and Executive Committee of the Chamber shall be limited to:

a) President

b) Vice President

c) Secretary

d) Treasurer

e) Six other committee members

7.8 Any elected member of the Commonwealth of Australia parliament, State of Victoria parliament, municipal council or any official of any level of public service may be a member of the Chamber but will not be considered as a candidate for Officers of the Executive Committee.

7.9 Membership on the Executive Committee shall be limited to no more than 50% from each of the following categories of the Division 1 of the ANZSIC code.

  • A. Agriculture, forestry and Fishing
  • B. Mining
  • C. Manufacturing
  • D. Electricity, Gas and water Supply
  • E. Construction
  • F. Wholesale Trade
  • G. Retail Trade
  • H. Accommodation, cafes and Restaurants
  • I. Transport and Storage J. Communication services K. Finance and Insurance
  • L. Property and Business Services M. Government Administration and Defence N. Education
  • O. Health and Community Services P. Cultural and Recreational Services Q. Personal and Other Services R. Non business/industry/trade persons

7.10 The President/Vice President and Secretary shall sign all papers and documents requiring signature on behalf of the Chamber, unless another member is designated by a vote of the Executive Committee or General Meeting.

7.11 No public pronouncement in the name of the Chamber may be made unless authorised by the Executive Committee or by some person to whom the Executive Committee has delegated this authority. In the absence of any direction on any subject and there is insufficient time to seek a direction from the Executive Committee then the President/Vice President and Secretary shall confer and determine an appropriate response and either Officer may make the public statement.

7.12 The members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall appoint an Auditor.

7.13 All positions of the Chamber shall be declared vacant and the election of positions of officers and committee members shall be undertaken at each Annual General Meeting (AGM). Vacancies caused during the year shall be appointed if deemed appropriate at the next General Meeting.

7.14 Officers or Executive Committee members may resign at any time by submitting their resignation in writing to the President/Vice President or Secretary. If the resignation is either the President or Secretary or if both positions are vacant, then the resignation to be submitted to the Vice President or other member of Executive Committee or the next General Meeting of the Chamber.

8. Officers

8.1 The duties of the Officers shall be such as their title, by general usage would indicate, and such as required, and such as may be assigned to them respectively by the Executive Committee or the General Meeting of the Chamber from time to time.

8.2 It shall be the duty of the President to present a general report of the activities of the year of the Chamber at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

8.3 Office bearers may only serve in the same position for a period of no more than 5 consecutive years.

8.4 Officers of the Chamber shall be responsible to make available in a timely process information and reports to General Meetings.

9.0 Chamber Meetings and Sub Committee Meetings

Chamber meetings comprise of an Annual General Meeting, Executive Committee Meetings, General meetings, Sub Committee Meetings and Special Meetings.

9.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

9.1.1.The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held annually. The executive committee will determine the date, time and place of the AGM. The AGM must be held within the months of July to September each year.

9.1.2 Associate Members are eligible to vote at the AGM. A community group, club or such like, that has more than one person attending a meeting shall be entitled to only one (1) vote. The name of that person entitled to vote shall be entered in the register of members.

9.2 General Meetings

9.2.1 Held monthly (with a minimum of four (4) per year).

9.2.2 Not less than 10% of the members shall constitute a quorum .

9.2.3 Voting shall be limited to one vote per business.

9.2.4 Every second meeting shall be a social meeting in which a quorum is not required.

9.3 Executive Committee meetings

9.3.1 Held monthly at a time to be determined by the Executive Committee (with a minimum of eight (8) per year), with any four(4) members of the committee , inclusive of an Officer, to constitute a quorum.

9.3.2 Any member of the Chamber shall be entitled to submit any suggestion, notice of motion or other information to the Executive Committee for consideration. The Executive Committee shall consider each item prior to such being presented to the next General Meeting of the Chamber.

9.3.3 The Chamber may make rules for the conduct of meetings and order of business at meetings from time to time. Any rules proposed or amended shall be provided to each member at least 14 days prior to any Executive Committee Meeting of the chamber where such rules or amendment will be considered.

9.3.4. The Secretary shall be responsible to record minutes.

9.3.5 Any discussion regarding the purchase of any land, equipment or other asset over the value of $500.00 shall be referred to a General Meeting for any discussion and approval.

9.3.6 A majority of members of the Committee including Officers shall constitute a quorum.

9.3.7 Voting shall be limited to one vote per business

9.4 Special Meetings.

9.4.1 Special Meeting may be called by the President or by a written request from any three members of the Executive Committee, or on receipt of a written request from seven (7) members.

9.4.2 Where a request has been received for a Special Meeting the conduct of this meeting must be undertaken within twenty- one (21) days of the receipt of any request for a Special Meeting.

9.4.3 When a Special Meeting is called, all members shall receive advice and contained in the advice shall be a summary of the reason for the Special Meeting.

9.4.4 A majority of members of the Committee including Officers shall constitute a quorum.

9.4.5 Where an officer or group of officers or the Executive Committee cannot or fails to undertake the duties associated with their office or function, then seven members of the Chamber may call a Special Meeting to deal with such matters as is required by the Chamber at that time.

9.4.6 Voting shall be limited to one vote per business

9.5 Sub committees

9.5.1 A General Meeting or the Executive Committee may appoint any sub committee subject to the approval of a General Meeting.

9.5.2 The Chairperson of a sub committee must be a member of the Executive Committee.

9.5.3 Subject to the direction from a General Meeting, the Executive Committee shall define and authorise the responsibilities and duties of any sub committee.

9.5.4 Associate members are eligible to be members of sub committees.

9.5.5 The Executive Committee has the power to co-opt any non member to the sub committee as deemed applicable within the objectives of the Chamber.

9.5.6 Any sub committees so formed shall be responsible to report monthly to the Executive Committee who in turn shall make available any reports to the next General Meeting.

9.5.7 Any sub committee of the Chamber shall remain in force and effect until determined at an Executive Meeting.

9.5.8 Terms of Reference for each sub committee must be formalised and presented to the Executive Committee for ratification annually.

10. Funds

10.1 The income and property of the Chamber so derived shall be applied solely for the promotion of the objectives of the Chamber.

10.2 No remuneration or salary shall be paid to any Officer (such as the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer) without the approval of a General Meeting. The remuneration package being provided to any Officer shall be included in the information provided to members and approved at a General Meeting.

10.3 Any out of pocket expenses shall be refunded to any member of the Chamber is pursuance of the promotion of the objects of the Chamber

and subject to prior approval by the Executive Committee;presentation of a receipt of the monies paid by the member.

10.4 Any member of the Chamber who resigns will not be entitled to any part contribution of any assets of the Chamber at the time of their resignation.

10.5 Upon winding up or dissolution of the Chamber, all debts and liabilities shall be paid or distributed among the members of the Chamber subject to the approval of the independent auditor of the Chamber and any laws associated with the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Victoria.

10.6 All payments made on behalf of the Chamber shall be paid from a fund established on behalf of the Chamber.

10.7 Any payments shall be authorised by the Treasurer and one other member being the President, Vice President or Secretary. In the event that the Treasurer is incapable or there is a vacancy for this position, any payments shall be authorised by any two signatories of the President, Vice President or the Secretary until a Treasurer has been reappointed.

10.8 The Treasurer shall provide a monthly report to the Executive Committee or where the Executive Committee requests additional information shall provide such information within a reasonable time of that request. Copies of these reports shall be made available at all General Meetings.

10.9 The Treasurer shall provide an annual statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Chamber. These accounts shall be authorised and audited at the time of presentation.

10.10 The accounts of the Chamber shall be open for inspection at reasonable times by any member who previously applies to the Treasurer for such inspection.

11. Constitution

11.1 Any amendments to the constitution shall be dealt with after at least fourteen (14) days clear notice has been given to each member of the Chamber prior to the next Executive Committee Meeting

11.2 Any amendments shall require not less than 51% of the membership to pass the proposed amendments.

11.3 In the notice to members, details of the alterations must be provided in writing.

12. Membership continued

12.1 A person or entity who falls outside the ambit of clause 2 and 5 of this Constitution may apply to the Executive committee to become a member.

12.2 The Executive Committee, in approving membership to those persons or entities making an application by virtue of clause 12.1:-

(a) Shall have in contemplation clause 4.4 of the Constitution when assessing the application of suck persons or entities

(b) Has the power to approve membership to such persons or entities

12.3 Business Board Eligibility,

All full financial members of the BCC are eligible to place approved promotional material on the business board, in consultation with BCC executive committee.

13. Voting

13.1 Votes will be accepted in writing , no later than 24 hours before time of meeting.

13.2 Each member is entitled to appoint another member as a proxy by notice given to the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the time of the meeting in respect of which the proxy is appointed.

13.3 Any notice appointing the proxy , or any written vote, must be on Chamber approved form ( located on web page) and must be completed and signed by the entities entitled chamber member.

14. Sponsorship

14.1 The Executive Committee reserves the right to seek corporate sponsorship. Corporate sponsorship is a business relationship in which two entities exchange things of value, including a public display of support. This value can be financial, in-kind, or benefits related to visibility/exposure, publicity or market research.

There is no limitation on the Chamber accepting sponsorship as per clause 4.8

Adopted 14th August 2011.

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